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1 According to the World Wildlife Fund–Philippines, an estimated 2,175 tons of food scraps in Metro Manila alone are thrown in the garbage every day when the poorest of the poor are scrounging for recoverable food scraps in garbage bins. Food resources have been greatly affected by the lockdown restrictions, where there was also a significant increase in food loss and waste, especially on perishable agricultural products.

The impact of the COVID-19 further exacerbates the situation not only of the supplies but also the demand for food. Farmers and food producers can't move their produce, families, and households not getting their main essentials due to the lockdowns imposed by the government.

In this webinar, in partnership with BASF, the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited Ms. Cherrie Atilano, the Founder of AGREA, and set up the Move Food Initiative, an online, Google form-based food ordering solution that offers consumers and farmers means to move food, especially during the lockdowns.

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1 https://www.bworldonline.com/collective-action-to-combat-food-waste/​

About the Speaker

Cherrie Atilano

Founder and CEO of AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc.

CHERRIE ATILANO is the Founder and CEO of AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc., a for-purpose and inclusive business, that is creating the first replicable one-island economy that is zero hunger, zero waste, and zero insufficiency. Cherrie started teaching farmers at the age of 12, has 22 years of vast experience in Sustainable Food Systems. She is a High-Level Ambassador of UN Scaling Up Nutrition, Food Systems Champion of the United Nations, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Board Member of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and the Philippine Ambassador of Food Security. In 2020, with her leadership in COVID-19 response for connecting farmers to consumers - she is named the Best Top Manager in post-pandemic economy of the APEC Best Award, and UN Women WEPs Award for COVID19 response. Cherrie is also one of the inaugural honorees of the 50 Next leaders by 50 Best and Basque Culinary Center - a list of exceptional young people from all over the world who are shaping the future of gastronomy."

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