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At one point in our life, we have all experienced toxic work culture. An environment that does not nurture psychological safety and treats its employees like robots, leaving you demotivated and still dragging yourself to work for the paycheck, not the passion.

As a senior executive, department head, or change agent, have you ever thought to yourself: "If only our team would become more accountable and innovative, and stop being so 'difficult' we would be hitting our targets… and our customers would stop complaining".

If so, you are not alone. Many managers and leaders confide in us that they feel let down and frustrated by the mediocre thinking of their employees.

Could the work environment be the cause of underperformance?

Despite their organization's genuine attempts to improve performance, which will ultimately benefit the business and the people within it, these leaders have been left exhausted, from constantly pushing against resistance that always tries to defend and justify the status quo.

It is the responsibility of leaders in the company to avoid such an environment. But how? And where did it come from?

NordCham Philippines, in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and the German Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invites you to our upcoming webinar that will exactly tackle these questions:

How to Fix A Toxic Work Culture – Accelerating Change and Innovation with Mike Grogan of Kaizen LeadershipAsia on 15 April 10:00 AM or 19 April at 4:00 PM.

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What to expect?

This webinar is not a history lesson, a technical presentation, or a sales pitch.

The purpose of this webinar is to share the biggest lessons Mike and his team have learned in helping leaders accelerate change and growth in their organizations, especially in Southeast Asia where negative cultural norms such as shaming and saving face stop your local staff from speaking up and taking initiative.

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Fully understand why force-feeding western management solutions in Asia do not work (and one thing business leaders need to do differently).
  • Uncover the invisible limiting beliefs in the minds of your frontline and mid-level leaders that are causing them to be stuck in their comfort zones (and the exact steps you need to take to get them to break free).
  • Identify the secret ingredient of effective culture change in Asia (without it, all plans to improve performance will most likely go to waste).
  • Acquire a simple and easy-to-use framework for creating a "disruption-proof" turnaround in performance using Lean Management (even if 2021 turns out to be even more chaotic than 2020).
  • Realize how simple and fast it is to implement Lean Management when you are following the right sequence and leveraging the right tools (regardless of the nature of your team's work or if your staff is all working remotely).
  • Discover how you can best influence key stakeholders in your organization to say YES to deploying Lean Management using the Model Cell approach (even if you know some senior leaders will try to defend and justify the status quo)

This webinar is perfect for:

Senior Executives, Department Heads, and Change Agents working in Southeast Asia who are serious about improving the performance of their team in 2021, even if...

  • Your team has a history of being resistant to change.
  • You currently don't have the "political support" you need to make all the changes you are seeking.
  • You have had a negative experience in the past with trying to drive performance transformation and culture change using Lean, Kaizen, Agile, TQM, or similar methodologies.

This webinar is not for those leaders who:

  • Are satisfied with the current performance levels of their team and not looking to grow their business in 2021
  • Are not open-minded to the fact that Lean Management & Psychological Safety can help them improve the engagement and productivity of their staff (even if their employees work remotely or are involved in creative work like sales, marketing, and software development)
  • Have already given up on the idea of successfully changing the mindset and behaviors of their team (and instead are resigned to the belief that micromanaging and autocratic management is the only way to get results in Asia)

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  • Mike Grogan (Keynote Speaker and Kaizen Leadership and Lean Management Consultant at Kaizen Leadership Philippines)

    Mike Grogan

    Keynote Speaker and Kaizen Leadership and Lean Management Consultant at Kaizen Leadership Philippines

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