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Through the years, the use of money has evolved remarkably. People have learned to adapt to the changing times – from using coins to paper money then, gradually utilizing cheques, and finally making use of the technologically advanced exchange.

In the present times, a mix of cash and digital payment are the modes of exchange from people, both having their efficiencies and drawbacks. As the coronavirus pandemic struck the world, worries among citizens about the transmission of the virus through paper money and coins have been predominant. To lessen their anxiousness, they cling to disinfect their money once receiving it from other people. But for some, this is not enough. Hence, a lot of people resort to using digital forms of payment to cover their expenses.

In the era of Digital Payment, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines acknowledges the need for businesses in adapting to such changes. With that, NordCham Philippines will pioneer a webinar entitled The Era of Digital Payment that will commence on the 21st of September 2021 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

NordCham Philippines spearheads to highlight the origin and emergence of Digital Payment, safeguarding one's self while doing digital payment transactions, and when to consider digital payment or when it is suitable to use. Moreover, the audience is expected to learn the impact of digital payment in consumerism, COVID 19's disruption of cash, Data Privacy Issues.

NordCham Philippines is honored to invite Mr. Carlo Nazareno, Head for Cash Management and Services of Banco De Oro, to share his insights about the mechanism of Digital Payment from the bank perspective.

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About the Speaker

Carlo Bass Nazareno is the Head of Cash Management Services in the Transaction Banking Group of BDO Unibank, based in Manila. Before coming back to Manila, in August of 2020, Carlo spent the last 16 years in London, working in the Cash Management in Citi, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and HSBC. His last role was leading the Global Strategic Business Initiatives for HSBC's Global Liquidity and Cash Management team, where he participated in developing and executing the digital agenda for the bank. 

He has a Master's Degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management, and an undergraduate degree in Management Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University.

About BDO Unibank, Inc.

BDO is a full-service universal bank which provides a wide range of corporate and retail banking services. These services include traditional loan and deposit products, as well as treasury, trust banking, investment banking, private banking, rural banking, cash management, leasing and finance, remittance, insurance, retail cash cards, and credit card services.  

BDO has the country's largest distribution network, with over 1,400 consolidated operating branches and more than 4,400 ATMs nationwide. It also has 16 international offices (including full-service branches in Hong Kong and Singapore) in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total assets, loans, deposits and trust funds under management based on published statements of condition as of March 31, 2021. For more information, please visit www.bdo.com.ph

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